The Writing Staff Has Tripled

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce our new Student Guest Bloggers, Katie and Lauren. This semester they’ll be writing about Parsons from a student’s perspective, and I am eternally grateful for their help. This blog is still in its fledgling stage, and I’m positive with the help of these awesome ladies, it will really take off! And now, without further interruption, I’ll let Katie and Lauren introduce themselves. – Victoria

Katie, Illustration BFA ’12

Howdy y’all!
My name is Katie and I’m currently a senior at Parsons majoring in Illustration. I hail from the land of sweet, sweet cheesesteaks and Wawa and the home of the infamous Will Smith – Philadelphia, PA. When I’m not chained to my desk, I like to bike ride, eat Polish food, paint my nails with glitter, play the ukulele, watch baseball, and, of course, go exploring. Oh, and did I mention I also work in the Welcome Center at The New School as a tour guide for Parsons, which means I’m totally awesome.
Other important things about me (or lets just say fun facts): I’m afraid of heights, I’ve never traveled west past Virginia – though a lot of people think I’m from the Midwest. Favorite artists include Andrew Wyeth, David Hockney, Maira Kalman, Henry Darger, and digging Jon Contino lately.  My new favorite art materials are Winsor Newton inks; I love them so. I never dreamed of coming to Parsons; I actually applied to all major universities and then Parsons, but I’ll tell you about that later. Oh and my best thrift store find ever was a gilded frame of a young Napoleon riding a horse (or Napopo) for 7 bucks.  Final thing, I like baseball a whole lot, and literally have been counting down the days til spring training.
Hopefully I’ll be writing some cool things here about Parsons and about New York in general. This is giving me the excuse to do everything crazy that I’ve been putting off for four years, so I’m pretty pumped. Super excited to be sharing my last semester at Parsons with you guys!

Lauren, Integrated Design BFA ’14

Hey Everyone!
My name is Lauren and I am a sophomore in Integrated Design program (on the Fashion track) at Parsons! A few things about me: I am Trinidadian; however, I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Besides my love for all things fashion and art related I’ve danced all my life ballet, hip-hop and jazz. I also really love dogs (especially mine), writing and music!
Blog posts you may see from me are my daily encounters as a Parsons student, conversations with my peers abut their experiences and/or other things related to a college student living in New York City!


-by Victoria O’Neill-


  1. My daughter is a current student attending Parsons, she has finally fallen in love……. with the school!!!!!!! Thank you, there is a God!

  2. Y.C. Tan (Wyatt)

    Hi, i’m an International student from Malaysia applying for MA in Fashion Studies (fall 2012),
    when will the school notify me on my acceptance (or otherwise, let’s hope not, i mean, it’s my dream to enroll in Parsons!)?

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