Fall App. Fever

As many of you already know, our Priority Deadline for Freshmen applying to Fall 2012 was yesterday, February 1st. I have a feeling we were only moments away from breaking the internet with the volume of applications submitted at once. For this post, I wanted to take the time to explain and demystify our processes.

What does “Priority Deadline” mean?
Parsons has rolling admission, so our February 1st deadline is not a “hard” deadline. We will continue to accept and review applications long after February 1st. The deadline is just to ensure that students get their applications in sooner than later, so they can get priority consideration for scholarship/financial aid, secure a visa if they’re international, and relax and enjoy the final semester of their senior year. But please, don’t catch “senioritis.”

Did you receive my application?
Shortly after hitting the submit button, you will get a confirmation email from us.  About 10 days after that, you will get another email with your student ID number (N00——) and a link to ALVIN, where you can track your materials (transcripts, test scores, recommendation letters) and see if they’ve arrived.

Did my materials arrive?
Let’s live the life of your transcript for a moment, shall we? You request your transcript. It gets mailed. It enters the New School mailroom. Because this is the one mailroom where all seven schools within The New School receive their mail, you can imagine it is a behemoth. And in the weeks before and after a deadline, sorting through mail is no cakewalk. Once your transcript is sorted, it travels to another admission materials processing office. Then we do some detective work. Has the owner of this transcript applied yet? If “yes,” it gets tracked and then set upstairs to us in Admission, and we place it into your file. If “no,” it gets stamped and put into our holding area. This area gets routinely swept, and once you do apply, it will get pulled and put in your file. Either way, the journey has been a success!

Much like the vast migration of Leatherback sea turtles to their ancestral nesting grounds, the transcript mailing process is arduous, multistep, and involves just a little bit of patience. See what I did just there?

When will I get my decision?
There are a lot of factors at play here. We must wait until all of your required materials arrive. Sometimes, transcripts or test scores take a little longer than anticipated to get here. Don’t worry, as I mentioned earlier, we have rolling admission, so if your transcript isn’t postmarked or you weren’t able to submit your application by 11:59 p.m. last night, it is alright and, frankly, not unusual.

Generally, it takes 6 to 8 weeks from the moment your application is completed (i.e. all the components of your application make it to your file) and when you get your letter.

Now I want you all to reach around behind you and give yourselves a nice pat on the back. The hard part is over. Take a deep breath and enjoy the next few months. You’ll be hearing from us.


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