Student Interview: Cody

Catching up on some research in Gimbel, the art and design reference library.

Getting to know you.
Name: Cody
Major and Year: Freshman Foundation (Communication Design) BFA ’15
Hometown: Military family, lived in Guam for high school years.

Quickfire Favorites List!
Artist or Designer: Stefan Sagmeister
Book: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
Design Blog: Swiss-Miss
Place on-campus: either Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery (great art collections) or Loeb Residence Hall (one of the freshman dorms)
Place off-campus: Joe The Art Of Coffee (a New School staple)
Hidden NYC gem: Myers of Keswick – they sell the traditional British snacks from my childhood living in England.

Elaborate a little more…
What drew you to Parsons?
I liked that it isn’t a traditional art school. The learning environment, faculty, international students, other New School students, and being in the middle of Manhattan provide an intense diversity.

Though you’re still in your first semester, have you learned things about your work ethic and creative process?
Being a student at Parsons while keeping up with my work-study job has taught me that work ethic and creative process overlap many fields and that variety is the best way to improve both.

What has been your favorite project so far?
A public engagement project for Foundation Lab where we taped a large roll of bubble wrap to the sidewalk to try to get people to jump without actually telling them to do so.

What do you hope to gain from your education at Parsons?
I hope to become established in the graphic design field and eventually open my own design firm.

What advice would you give to someone beginning their college search process?
Get an initial feel for the school from their pamphlets, but find less filtered information. Read reviews, talk with current students, and go on a college search forum. Definitely visit. Whatever you do, remain open to your options.

Sum up your Parsons experience in a six word biography.
Work is fun; I don’t sleep.


-by Victoria O’Neill-

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