Early Action Deadline: November 1st

With a little over a week left for until the Early Action Deadline, we thought it would be good to give some details about this option. Parsons offers Early Action for students who are ready to submit their Bachelors applications and materials months earlier than our Regular priority deadline of February 1st. It is important to note that Early Action is different from Early Decision in that it is a “non-binding” decision. This means, if accepted Early Action to Parsons, you are not obligated to attend and still retain your choice come Spring. So what are the benefits to applying early? Well, the main advantage is that you receive your decision much sooner – by mid-December.

Knowing sooner may mean less nail biting and a little more clarity and zen when the time comes to decide which college to ultimately attend.


-by Victoria O’Neill-


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  2. LIA

    Hello! The Deadline November 1st is counted by the local New York time and date right? By November 1st do you mean all application materials must be recieved before the day Nov.1, or by the end of the day Nov.1? Thank you!

    • Hello! We’ve actually extended our deadline to November 15th to account for damage and power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy. Make sure all of your materials are received by then. End of day is fine.

  3. Margaret

    I submitted my application on october 28th for fall 2013 fashion design bachelor’s program. I send my SAT scores about a week before that and i’ve been stalking my VIP page to see if anything has been updated. How long do you think it’ll take for everything to show up on that page? And does early action still apply for the fashion design BFA program?

    • Hi Margaret, not sure if you were aware, but our offices were closed last week due to the power outage caused by the Hurricane. We’re sifting through the mail now, and as you can imagine, there is quite a bit of it. Just be patient, and it’ll be processed as soon as we get to it. All of the Freshman applications qualify for Early Action. Sophomore and Junior transfer applications aren’t eligible.

  4. Farah

    Hello, I submitted my application on November 9th, and I sent out my SAT scores the same day. My transcripts were sent out November 11th, and since I live overseas, I was notified that my transcripts got there the morning after the deadline. Am I still eligible for Early Action, or will I be shifted to Regular Decision?

    • Morgan Ersery

      Hi Farah,

      Due to being shut down because of Hurricane Sandy, we extended the Early Action deadline to November 15th and have continued to be flexible with students during that week since many of the mail carriers were also not operating.

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